Automation of IFRS9 requirements

End-to-end automation of IFRS9 requirements: classification of financial instruments, measurements, calculation of expected credit losses (ECL).
Key advantages:
  • International experience: more than 15 completed projects in 10+ countries around the globe
  • Quick implementation: doable in 3 months thanks to the standard out-of-the-box configurations
  • Full compliance: classification and measurements, calculation of expected credit losses, hedge accounting
  • Modeling of risk factors for ECL calculation (PD, LGD, EAD)
  • Cloud service available (IFRS9 SaaS)
3 months
implementation timeline
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How does this work?
Calculation of economic indicators for IFRS9, such as amortized cost of financial instruments, EIT and valuation reserves is performed based on the best-in-class system, Finastra Fusion Risk. The Fusion Risk system has extensive functional capabilities for automation of IFRS9 key requirements:

  • Classification of financial instruments according to IFRS9 including qualitative and quantitative SPPI tests 
  • Calculation of amortized cost, factoring in events of the contract lifecycle (early repayment, arrears, restructuring, etc.), as well as the calculation of the effective interest rate (EIR)
  • Calculation of amortization for commissions, fees and of penalties using linear and EIR methods
  • Calculation of ECL and Loss Provisions for all impairment stages
Flexible Significant Credit Deterioration (SCD) business rules Creation and management of risk factor models (Point-in-Time PD, LGD, and EAD) and monitoring of SCD for assets is performed with the use of the Neoflex Datagram technological platform. Our Datagram platform is seamlessly integrated with Fusion Risk. We offer our customers both customized on-premises implementations as well as a subscription to the standardized cloud calculator, IFRS9 SaaS.
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