Implementation of continuous automated software development and operation processes - Continuous Integration, Continuous Testing, Continuous Delivery, Monitoring. 

  Key advantages:

  • Implementation of CI/CD for various platforms: monolithic and microservice applications controlled by OpenShift, Kubernetes, Mesos, DC/OS, IBM Cloud Private, Netflix OSS. 
  • Time to Market and application quality. A quick introduction of new functionality without a loss of quality due to automation of the development pipeline, including environment deployment, testing, and release.
  • Reduction of critical-to-business system brittleness due to High Availability and Disaster Recovery topologies of infrastructure and application of architectural patterns CQRS, Saga, Event Sourcing.
  • Reduction of the DevOps platform implementation and development costs due to the use of ready-made architectural patterns, infrastructure component templates and automated production processes. 
  • Efficient monitoring due to proactive response and fault prediction.

shorter release period
reduction of man-hours for release
reduction of number of defects
components are assembled for shipment and automatically tested
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How does this work?

DevOps principles are applied at all life-cycle stages of the company’s projects. Organization of development uses flexible strategies and tools, ensuring process transparency and architectural patterns which simplify scaling and update release. 

The building of continuous delivery pipelines is based on advanced IaC approaches, development, and maintenance process automation as well as configuration management. This ensures the flexible transparent development process of the state-of-the-art fault-tolerant systems ready for rapid amendment in accordance with business requirements.

A significant part of this is the creation of an automated release management process which includes management of development branches, project artifacts, and release builds taking account of specifics of the customer processes and tools.

Accessibility and disaster recovery of developed products and solutions depending on architecture are achieved by a reduction of the number of components coupled within applications and a separation of infrastructure elements. 
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