Data Science

Statistical analysis, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) models, predictive analytics.

Key advantages:

  • Expert approach: a combination of competence in econometrics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, as well as experience in the implementation of the most complicated IT projects.
  • Real expertise in solving AI and Machine Learning tasks in the field of finance, transport, logistics, and other sectors.
  • Minimum technological requirements and a short duration of project implementation due to the use of the proprietary Neoflex Datagram modeling framework.
  • Understanding the model governance process: from development, documentation and continuous monitoring of quality parameters to the model’s validation and calibration.

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Using the innovative technological platform, Neoflex Datagram, developed based on the cutting-edge open-source Big Data technology stack, Neoflex Consultants run the full data-science-cycle starting from an economic analysis of the possible variables range and up to the selection of an optimal model, its automation and integration into DevOps infrastructure. Functional capabilities of Datagram enable a quick and efficient set up of the ETL processes and data quality controls for «Big Data» which generally takes up to 80% of the effort data science projects.

The Neoflex Datagram platform includes all components that are necessary for a cost-efficient and incredibly fast implementation of any Data Science project:

  • The visual design of ETL processes and code automatic generation of the executable Scala code for Apache Spark processing engine
  • Rich toolkit for the transformation of inbound data from any type of sources (RDBMS, xml/avro/json, ORC, Parquet, CSV, Apache Hive, Apache Kafka, etc.) and its storage in Datagram’s internal Data Lake
  • Support of all necessary mathematical libraries and high-performance computing, based on Apache Spark and Hadoop
  • Ready infrastructure for management of models life cycle (Model Governance)
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