Designing user experience and user interface of digital products for the company’s clients and employees.   

Key advantages:

  • Effective financial products and selling interfaces oriented to the customer.
  • Visual communication through all digital routes ensures sales and user experience
  • Effective user interfaces for complex high-load systems are achieved through fruitful cooperation with the back-end development team 
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How does this work?

We create unified digital ecosystems in which business goals and client expectations coexist in harmony. Our first-priority goal is the development of hypotheses, which are later used as a basis for the client’s product. Next, the effectiveness and performance of the hypotheses are tested in prototypes and beta versions. The direction we are heading defines the requirements of the users. This is why we analyze their experience and wishes — to implement them in the project later. By analyzing each and all possible scenarios and engagement routes with the digital product, we create services and digital products the user experience of which not only operates in conjunction with the brand but also offers the clients something new and useful. This stimulates business and optimizes it technologically.

For this, we use the following toolbox and practice kit: 

  • CJM (Customer journey mapping) 
  • Rapid prototyping (design to code) 
  • Agile 
  • Microcopy (text editing/microcopy writing) 
  • Jobs-to-be-done 
  • Design-thinking